1. Io; The innermost of the four Galilean moons of Jupiter, and the most geologically active object in the solar system.

  2. I/O; The communication between an information processing system and the outside world, possibly a human or another information processing system.

  3. ; A production studio based in Montreal, potentially the most creatively active boutique agency in the city. IO facilitates communication between its clients and the outside world by processing meaningful visuals that connect the story with the viewer.

    We shoot digital film, write snazzy copy, design engaging graphics and create stunning visual effects, as well as pretty much anything else that may help tell your story to the world.

This is our reel.

We try to keep it updated with the best and latest we've shot or created, from high profile national campaigns to in‑house productions.

Your next project should make the cut, don't you think?
Get in touch with us and we'll make sure of it.

From raw digital cinema cameras to motion control production equipment, we have the tools to realize your vision - or our vision of it. Either way, IO is equipped to capture high production value sound, image and motion.

Our studio provides a controlled shooting environment. Whether it's for a chromakey VFX scene or a photo shoot over a solid backdrop, we have the space for it. There's also a fully equipped workshop at the studio, to build sets or elements for the productions we shoot.

We work with the latest digital content creation tools, including industry-leading 3D animation software and video NLE systems. And we run them on powerful workstations - as well as our renderfarm - to push the limits of what's feasible and keep up with tight deadlines.

Whether it's developing a campaign from the ground up, producing a short film series, fleshing out content for a well defined concept or designing sets for a production, it always starts with an idea.
Fortunately, we're full of them, and we provide a full array of creative services.

Visual design is at the core of most digital content, from motion graphics to mobile applications, and we give it the attention it deserves.
Storyboarding, logo creation, custom branding and 3D graphics are only a few of the design services we offer.

Great content is as important as great design, if not more. And from narrative scriptwriting to original series development, we got it covered.
We also work on all platforms, so we can tailor the content to the medium for richer and seamless experiences.

Creative 3Director

After a short yet controversial political career, Ariel founded the Acrobats Anonymous (AA), a support group for edgy gymnasts, and became the first Nobel Prize recipient for charade skills.That's when he realized he was getting pretty creative at... Making up stories!

So he spent the next several years studying Arts & Literature, working as a cameraman and video editor for live events, shooting music videos, touring with Cirque du Soleil and living or working in over 30 cities across 3 continents - and that's not made up.

He joined Onesum agency in 2008 where he worked with high profile clients and brands, and directed a few national video and advertising campaigns. Ariel gets involved in every aspects of the projects he works on, from on-location filming to 3D VFX compositing. It gives him a global view and approach - not unlike writing his bio at the 3rd person - and the comfort to take any direction for a given project.

He started IO in 2013 with Ben Gelfand to make up and tell even bigger and greater stories to the world. If he isn't working on the studio's projects, developing motion control production tools or researching and learning on the latest cameras and post-production software, he is most likely cooking, eating or talking about food.

Video Editor-In-Chief

Ben's first claim to fame was inventing both time travel and sliced bread (The former being, like, the best thing since the latter). However, it was not until his passionate work in the field of telepathy and mind control that people really started to think of him as the "coolest guy ever". All this was accomplished before the age of 15, around the same time he realized he had a talent for... Making up stories!

So, after studying Cinema and Communications, Ben began working as a videographer for boutique experiential marketing agency JSEM, handling all their video production needs. Following that, Ben joined the team at AskMen.com, the world's leading men's lifestyle magazine. As Senior Video Producer, Ben helped build AskMen's online video presence from the ground up. Having his hand in the production of hundreds of videos, Ben soon became an expert in all things video.

In 2013, he co-founded IO creative studio with partner Ariel Levesque, a company dedicated to telling great stories. When Ben isn't being creative, he might be riding his bike, playing squash, watching a film or staring at his computer screen thinking of a witty way to end his bio.





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